A-SINUS Pickups – Your choice for fresh and balanced tone…

Our current pickup collection


Pickups are a matter of trust. For our A-Sinus pickups only the best materials are used, which guarantees a long life and consistent quality of our products.
Our pickups are not just screwed-together prefabricated sets, but are constructed from ground up and we carefully assemble each piece by hand. All non-metallic components are built inhouse in our shop with great care.

Please note, that this is NOT about reconstructing historic/vintage pickups! Many other companies are doing this for years and we think that we cannot make a new honest contribution to this type of products.
What we are looking for is a new, fresh tone, great clarity and expressiveness that correspond with a contemporary, well-built instrument. No matter what kind of music you want to play.

Of course, our products are dimensioned in such a way that they mostly coincide with common pickup designs of other manufacturers. Please check and read carefully our descriptions on every product.
Furthermore, we also offer interesting novelties, which are more suitable for newly built guitars. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about the design, function and dimensions of our pickups.

Here’s in short what we think, makes our pickups special:

wide tonal ranges, great clarity

quality raw materials

all hand built & wired

with long lasting neodym magnets

fresh design, far away from the usual „plastics look“

fits all guitars
(please ask us for details, if not sure about your guitar)