Since 1993 I build guitars and stringed instruments in Baden near Zurich at a carpentry workshop, which I share with a friend back from school days.

My approach on building guitars is less the strictly traditional way of lutherie with its more or less rigid rules of how „one“ should be doing something, than having an open mind for using new technologies and materials. Which are often underestimated by traditionalists. The beauty of a piece of colored MDF in combination with a solid piece of natural wood can make a difference in many ways. And to me it’s just a normal thing that I use for my builds what is of fine quality. I think (without false modesty if you allow) the tonal, haptic and aesthetical results of my guitars may speak for themselves.

This means, on my instruments you will find both very proven materials as solid wood (for some soundboards for example) and modern composite materials as MDF, CDF or even foamboards that work surprisingly well together and guarantee more stability and durability.

In my workflow I integrate traditional japanese and european hand tools as well as modern machinery, CNC or even laser technology for decorative elements.

Marcoguitars‘ instruments are developed in extended test phases concerning material and tone, so you will get a well balanced, tonally rich tool for your musical creativity.

But there isn’t just the luthier’s or builder’s perspective; the person who plays the instrument finally is even more important!
That’s why I like to get in touch with musicians and clients in personal. This means discussing and developing your fine instrument step by step along your criteria.

Feel free to contact me on any question.

Marco Keller