CD An evening with Marcoguitars

1. Bernie's Tune MP3
2. My Old Flame
3. She
4. Alice In Wonderland
5. Embraceable You MP3
6. Two And One Mp3
7. Folk Song
8. Donna Lee
9. My Romance
10. Klactoveesedstene
11. Estate

Agostino Di Giorgio, Michael Jeup
  The original Sandwich concept in the construction of Marco guitars produces a faithful, balanced electric-sound with warm tone quality throughout the extension of the instrument, with a surprisingly pleasurable acoustic sound. Marco being a talented, hard working artisan with his own ideas is able to construct a endless variety of guitars based on the sandwich principle
Agostino Di Giorgio
On CDs of these artists you can also hear some of my instruments:
Juan Carlos Zeta, Pee Dee, Nick + Mia, Erich Gandet, Nick Perin